Author: Joy Cowley

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

I love the book, The Red-Eye Tree Frog by Joy Cowley. It’s text is rich yet compact. I use it as one of my touchstone texts. As I often do, I began to research the author a little and realized she has many, many books.  Joy Cowley began her writing career as a newspaper editor for children’s stories at age 16. When her child had difficulty with reading, she created some literature for him to enjoy. Now she has written over 400 books.

On Joy’s website, she writes letters to her readers. The letters give you insight into her writerly life and update you on new books. I find it fascinating she writes to her audience. If a student is interested in writing her, she will reply.

Joy Cowley shares tips on being an author that can apply to children. One quote is worthy of being reminded of:

“Above all, enjoy every part of the process. Writing can seem like hard work but it is very satisfying. It also empowers us.

View the YouTube video (4 min.) below and hear Joy Cowley read one of her books, Mrs. Wishy Washy and the Big Wash. You can find several other books she narrates by doing a Google her.

Introduce your students to Joy Cowley in the below YouTube video (23 sec.). Kids are interested in seeing what the author looks and sounds like. Her New Zealand accent is enjoyable.

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