SOLC: Made My Day

February 21, 2012

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That word is packed with emotions, growth, and patience. Some may add craziness, moody, and impulsive to the list. In any case, tolerance, love, and understanding wrap around the teenage package.

I chuckle admitting I’m a proud mother of three. Yes, three teenagers. Yes,three teenagers full of liveliness and mischievousness. And yes, I color my hair.

It’s days like today that make me smile.

I chauffeured our youngest, the thirteen-year-old, to school this morning. We talked about his classes and what he expected to happen today. Listening (car rides are great for this), I encouraged him to stay positive and make the best of his situations. He seemed prepared, emotionally as well as academically. Pulling into the circle-drive, I smiled and said, “I love you!” with a big smile on my face. My motherly heart was wanting to wrap him up in a hug and just go home for the day. Instead, he returned the smile and said, “Yeah, thanks.”

He lumbered toward the entrance as I turned to go. My eyes followed him momentarily around the cul-de-sac, enough to catch the glimpse. My thirteen-year-old had turned back to make eye contact and raised his hand. Responding to me (in front of his peers), his fingers curled and signaled the sign language “I Love You” sign. He smiled … and I melted.

He made my day!