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That word is packed with emotions, growth, and patience. Some may add craziness, moody, and impulsive to the list. In any case, tolerance, love, and understanding wrap around the teenage package.

I chuckle admitting I’m a proud mother of three. Yes, three teenagers. Yes,three teenagers full of liveliness and mischievousness. And yes, I color my hair.

It’s days like today that make me smile.

I chauffeured our youngest, the thirteen-year-old, to school this morning. We talked about his classes and what he expected to happen today. Listening (car rides are great for this), I encouraged him to stay positive and make the best of his situations. He seemed prepared, emotionally as well as academically. Pulling into the circle-drive, I smiled and said, “I love you!” with a big smile on my face. My motherly heart was wanting to wrap him up in a hug and just go home for the day. Instead, he returned the smile and said, “Yeah, thanks.”

He lumbered toward the entrance as I turned to go. My eyes followed him momentarily around the cul-de-sac, enough to catch the glimpse. My thirteen-year-old had turned back to make eye contact and raised his hand. Responding to me (in front of his peers), his fingers curled and signaled the sign language “I Love You” sign. He smiled … and I melted.

He made my day!

12 Responses to SOLC: Made My Day

  1. elsie says:

    Awwww . . . that made me get teary. Love runs deep for both parties. Savor every moment like that you can, now it is saved forever. Sweet!

  2. What a beautiful story. I got teary. You’ve done something right! I had my hands full with one — can’t imagine 3 teenagers.

  3. Linda Baie says:

    It’s the sweetest story, Mary Helen. You made me miss my kids of long ago. I remember those nice ‘car talks’. It is very good for that. Thanks for a nice sharing!

  4. Deb Day says:

    This IS a sweet story. You have to take what you can get with teenagers, and this is a wonderful take away! And I don’t know how you handle three of your own! My hat is off to you! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tam says:

    So special. You have him hooked!!!

  6. mardie says:

    What a lovely moment to capture in a slice. Teens may be crusty on the outside sometimes, but they’re all mush inside. It’s good that your son can let the inside out sometimes.

  7. grade4wizard says:

    This was sweet. I hope that you will have many many more moments like this.

  8. That sign is no small thing. It is representative of a solid connection you have with your son at such a tricky stage in his life! How wonderful that you are involved enough to notice and celebrate his gesture! You are both lucky for this relationship. You reminded me of how much I loved the drive to and from school when my family lived in Northern Wisconsin and we had a half hour drive. Thanks for a sharing a sweet moment of motherhood! 😉

  9. Wendi says:

    This post just wrapped itself around my heart that is a mom to a 12-year-old and titled itself HOPE. Beautiful!

  10. Tammy says:

    awwww the eyes watered up on that one, they are doing that a lot lately.. my baby will be eighteen soon and leaving for college soon after. I will spend all my days with my fingers crossed hoping she sees me:) Hug them while you can. Loved your slice.

  11. Theresa A says:

    Yes, another awww with teary eyes! Savor the small moments for they really are the ones that matter the most. Enjoy the liveliness of your teenagers.I enjoyed your slice. ~Theresa

  12. Elizabeth G says:

    My heart just swelled reading that. My two boys are little but I can appreciate how rare and valuable those moments are with teens. You guys must have a very special bond. Thank you for sharing your special moment.

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