SOLSC: Let the Slices Begin

March 1, 2012

Slice of Life Challenge

March 1st is the anticipated date. Yes, this is the day of the written word, the challenge to capture a moment in time. This is the challenge that changed my life. Today the Slice of Life Story Challenge begins.
For me, this is a renewal of my commitment to write.
Three years ago, I began and fizzled half way through.
Two years ago, I posted each day but only commented a little.
Last year, I learned how powerful comments were.
And I connected.

I connected with teachers and encouraged others just like me. I reflected and risked my thoughts. I dabbled in poetry and played with words. I linked blogs and admired eloquence. I captured quotes and savored language. I learned to slice.

This year, I look forward to connecting with blogging friends and learning how words are crafted. I look forward to encouragement and the art of encouraging too. I look forward to capturing the moments in a day, the memories of the past, and sharing with my students the writer that I am.

March 1st:
Let the slices begin!