SOLSC: Is Your Mind Ever Like Mine?

March 2, 2012

Is your mind ever like mine? Thinking of a great idea to write about, searching for paper, and then blanking out only to research again. Finally the idea comes.

I wake up in the morning and begin reviewing my day’s activities. One thought quickly, almost instantaneously connects to another and then another and then I’m wondering: where did I begin and what was I trying not to forget?

Paper. Paper. I have to find paper. Can’t let the idea slip away. Pen, Pen, Pen – aw, there you are. MUST jot it down before it fleets away.

Those words. How did my idea go? Ohhhh, Think, thhhiiinnnkkk. Think. Calm.


In slowly. Out. Breeeethe innnn.  Ouuut.

I feel like Jazim in Nikki Grimes’s book, Jazmin’s Notebook, grabbing a gum wrapper to write her poem before the perfect wording disappears.

Was it the coffee idea? (not today.)

Kim, my cat, curling up in my lap? (Not this either.)

My kids? (Blank. Searching.)

What is that idea?

I think through my morning routine. Think. think. think. What do I have to do today? (A list begins to be bulletted out.)

Got it! I want to slice about my writing experience with Mrs. Garber’s class yesterday. The school prompt job. The idea of having my wish come true – a children’s librarian.

Awesome! Now I can post.

Is you mind ever like mine?