SOLSC: My Dreams Come True…

Yesterday, I posted about the idea I was trying to remember for a post when – poof, it disappeared and my thoughts spiraled in retrieving it. (Thanks for the delightful comments everyone. I was chuckling throughout the day.) Today’s post is that idea I finally caught.

On Thursday, I was in Mrs. G’s third grade class being a cheerleader. Yes, a cheerleader. At this time of year, our kids have been writing and exploring and molding stories within writing workshop. We charted all the smart things they had learned throughout the year and in the past. Most have been writing since kindergarten; they’ve got the skills. They just have to believe it! Ruth and I had talked earlier about writing territories, which she posted brilliantly on Two Writing Teachers. The kids got it and I saw their shoulders relax in relief when they realized they could apply what they know the best to any prompt.

One practice prompt I placed up was about having any job at school for the day. I always began modeling my quick write while they started. One kid said, “That’s easy for you, Mrs. G. You already have a job.” I just smiled with a mischievous look in my eye and began.

“Mrs. G, please report to the office. The principal has an important announcement to share with you,” the intercom voice said. My heart did a little flip as my mind began to race. What now? I wondered as I headed for the office. The kids just eyed me as I walked out.

Reaching the door, I took a breath and knocked. Mr. S signaled me in. “Have a seat. I have some news for you.” My eyes stayed peeled on him as I waited for the news.

“A grandmother of a student here called. She said her grandson loves coming to school. He talks about books and reading and Mrs. G. Yes, you. I guess he talks about the books you share so much, she is willing to pay your salary to become the elementary librarian. She is even going to fund the library with $10,000 for new books.” My eyes bugged out at this. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Mr. S continued, “I’ve already taken the liberty in speaking to the superintendent and board. They’ve okayed it. That is, if you want the job?” Mr. S stopped and looked at me, smiling.

I was stunned. Really? My dreams come true? I can actually read books to kids AND get paid for it? I was shocked for a moment as the reality sunk in. Mr.S politely waited. All I could do was nod yes. A children’s librarian – the best school job ever!!




11 Responses to SOLSC: My Dreams Come True…

  1. gillisss says:

    Funny! I was just researching the possibility of an on-line (I live in a rural area now, teach full-time and have 2 kids), master’s degree program in library and media science so I could work towards becoming a librarian in time to slip in to the position when our current librarian retires…I, too, think it would be the most joyous job in the world.

    Maybe you and I will meet up at an ALA convention someday? Loved the post!

  2. sprice says:

    I love the thinking outside of the box. I would love to see the children’s faces. So glad you could think of it! If only it were that easy sometimes! Thanks for sharing. Happy Slicing! 🙂

  3. luckygurl says:

    Oh, man. This is great. I love your use of small action, and the way you weave together the story-within-a-story! I look forward to reading (and being inspired by) more of your slices! 🙂

  4. the other ruth says:

    I would LOVE that job too! 🙂 So glad the kids have you to show them they can do whatever comes their way–they are lucky to have you.

  5. Linda Baie says:

    Mary Helen, I didn’t read it quite right, I thought it was really true! I wish I could win the lottery for you, I would give you that job! I guess you know I thought it was written well; it seemed so real!

  6. The best part of this slice is the way it shows you are a writer, not just a teacher of writing!

  7. Tammy says:

    MH I’m so excited for you. Wow !!

  8. Mary Helen, what a testimony to your passion for teaching and the love of reading you have passed along to students. Congratulations on the new position! Such a compliment to have someone donate $10,000 to donating books for the library. Only one question — will you be able to help select the books?

    • MaryHelen says:

      Patricia, oh I only wish this story was true. I was just sharing my writing prompt story. My craft in writing this piece must be good as many have been complimenting me. No, I will continue being a Title I teacher and literacy coach. It has made me think a out getting my librarian license. Thank you though.

  9. Kay Kelley says:

    Oh, the drama of it all. . .when we model writing to children!
    Enjoyed your slice!

  10. Mrs. V says:

    Wow – how amazing. I remembered your post about forgetting about what it was that you wanted to write about. I was laughing when I realized that it was such a huge event 🙂 Congratulations.

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