SOLSC: My Kids are on my Mind Today

My kids are on my mind today.

I love them so. I hold each dear to my heart, wishing the best for the day, and praying for wisdom along the way.

My kids are on my mind today.

Our youngest,the thirteen-year-old, Tim, has to take the ISTEP state test today. I made eggs and sausage this morning, made sure he went to bed early, and reminded him of strategies he has.

My kids are on my mind today.

Our middle, and only daughter, Elizabeth, has been surrounded by drama at school lately. I stood firm with her, advised her, and listened as she revealed her tangled thoughts.

My kids are on my mind today.

Our oldest, a senior, Wesley, is learning to be independent. I wash for him, organize scholarships with him, and hug him as I’m learning to let go.

My mind is full of loving thoughts today.


19 Responses to SOLSC: My Kids are on my Mind Today

  1. This is a beautiful post for your children. Your repeating lines of “My kids are on my mind today” really hit me, as thoughts of my son and daughter often hit me suddenly through the day.

    I hope all goes well.

  2. Donna Smith says:

    I like the repetitive: “My kids are on my mind today” and its translation to: “My mind is full of loving thoughts today”.
    And they don’t even know how much, do they?

  3. I also like the repetition of “My kids are on my mind today”. How blessed they are!

  4. Ruth says:

    Lucky kids to have a mom like you! Every time I see them (or a photo) I just can’t believe how BIG THEY ARE!

  5. Linda Baie says:

    So nice to hear your poetic and loving thoughts, and to see your beautiful kids. It’s such a happy picture, & although I imagine as teens you don’t always get such positive feelings, remember this pic when you need to! Having 3 teens at such turning points in their lives must be hard sometimes. Things sound exciting though, and very busy! Thanks Mary Helen.

  6. Lennye says:

    Isn’t it strange how in the busyness of life our babies are always on our minds!

  7. WOW! I can’t believe how grown up your kiddos are. Wesley going away to college soon? NOOOO! It can’t be possible. But then my baby has an almost two-year old already! Where does the time go? Miss you, but love to read about your kids. Could listen to the stories about them forever! You are an awesome mom!

  8. Kids today really do have a lot on their plates. And our kids need us. It is all going by so fast. 🙂

  9. Tara says:

    I loe the way you wrote this…each child had their equal place. Now, that’s a mom!

  10. Dana says:

    I think your kids felt your love today.

  11. Kristen says:

    I love your opening, the repetitive line and your closing. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sweet! That is such a happy picture, too! Even their eyes are happy in that picture! No wonder, with a mom like YOU!

  13. Tammy says:

    What a great photo! The worrying about our children is constant and never ending. I enjoyed hearing your “mom” advice to your kids!

  14. the other ruth says:

    Powerful stuff mom–I love the photo and I really connected with your post. Some days it just hits, doesn’t it?

  15. Ashley Dawn says:

    This is a beautiful post. It makes me excited to become a mom. Your children are very lucky to have you as a mother.

  16. Seney says:

    My kids are my mind today…a great phrase and a true phrase. A great photo! It is amazing how quickly the kids grow. Enjoy!

  17. Tam says:

    And they will be on your mind forever. You’re a natural mom, Mary Helen. They’re, oh, so lucky children.

  18. What a really cool post to write about your children. You’re such a good mother. Loved this.

  19. Jama says:

    It is hard to let go, isn’t it. I love your repeating phrase. That repeats in my life, too. Thank you for this beautiful verbalization of a mother’s heart.

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