SOLSC: I am … the Van

March 8, 2012

I belong to Mary Helen. She cleans me, feeds me, and loves me. We have daily conversations. She talks to me and I listen. Sometimes I sing to her and lift her spirits. She knows she can unwind and relax in me as she journeys from here to there. I massage her back with my warming seat and wrap her with summertime-warm air. I tape record her laughter and play it back to her when she is alone. I even snuck a picture when she and Rick kissed.

She trusts me with her kids.  I cradle them and rock them to sleep on long drives. I tolerate their smelly feet and carry their equipment. I love attending all the games. I cheer from afar, while visiting with my friends nearby. I’m invited on vacations. Our trip to Florida was pleasant, refreshing, and downright fun. I can’t wait for the next one.

I chauffer her on errands and in return, she feeds me. She feeds me well; I’m like a growing teenager, with a never-ending hunger for more. I get thirsty and her bill-whew! Glad I’m not paying. I try not to eat so much, yet my energy has to be on high all the time.

My job is demanding, but I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. For many months, I spent time in a car orphanage waiting for the perfect family. Now I have one and will do my best to always be reliable. They are kind and get me check-ups when needed and even take me to be fixed on occasion. I definitely will go through plenty of shoes; roads can be rough.

Yes, I am the van, but to MaryHelen, I am so much more.