SOLSC: The Spark that Linked

This morning, I woke up early. Not on purpose; it’s just been happening (somehow, I think my brain knows I need some extra time to write). I wake up and begin thinking. I rolled out of bed and headed downstairs thinking, What to wear? It’s Friday. Good; it’s jeans day. I have a lot of working projects to do today. What will be comfortable? Got it: my favorite shirt.

I love wearing my brown, cafe’ cotton-knit shirt. It has different coffee motifs on it and fits perfectly. Three-quarter sleeves makes it the in-between shirt. The kind that’s not as hot as a sweater but warmer than short sleeves.

Coffee was brewing already (I love my programmable coffee pot!) and I grabbed a cup. Heading to my spot on the couch, I grabbed my notebook (strategically placed last night with pen inside) and began to think about my shirt. I wonder if I could write about a shirt? Ruth posted about finding the story in the ordinary things. Yes, shirts have stories. My shirt has a story.

And with that, I began to wonder how to explain how much my shirt means to me, describing the design, special occasions when I have worn it….

Then it happened. The story sparked.

I grabbed my notebook and began to write and write, and think, and write some more. Tears welled up in my eyes (that I was not expecting) as memories poured out. Emotions swelled. The shirt wasn’t much within this story; it was the link to the story.

Noticing the time, I had to get going with my morning routine. But I had the story. The story that will simmer in my notebook until I have more time to craft as a slice. The story that is powerful and meaningful and worth it.

8 Responses to SOLSC: The Spark that Linked

  1. Jama says:

    I sure do hope I see it when you do put the slice on here. I like the way you write.

    • MaryHelen says:

      Thank you, Jama. I plan to write it either tomorrow or on Sunday (unless some other story catches my attention). I told my husband that two stories grabbed hold of my heart today from random thoughts. They linked. I wrote. And, I cried – twice. The stories are dear to my heart and have meaning for others. Thank you again.

  2. Tam says:

    You got me hooked now. So the shirt is a link? How interesting is that? Your link made me think of my rocks. I think they’re links. How do you that, Mary Helen,–say and do things that conjure up other things? First it was A Home for Celeste. Now it’s the word “link.” Thanks.

    • MaryHelen says:

      I really don’t know how except that I have been trying to listen to what my head has been thinking. If I am ever going to get the chapters written, I have to notice my process.
      And, yes, I do hope you will have a rock-link that will spark a story. In fact, I’m sure you have several stories.

  3. elsie says:

    You have me hooked, thank goodness I won’t miss it because of the email notification. I love the inside thoughts as you moved about the business of starting your day. I am grateful I don’t have to wait until a Tuesday for this story.

  4. Dana says:

    Oh you have me wondering and longing to read the story that the shirt led you to.

  5. Ooh, this is such a tease! Looking forward to this slice in the (near) future. I love that the writing about these ideas caused such an emotional response. Behold the power of story!

  6. Linda Baie says:

    I love when people talk about their process & you share so much of that Mary Helen. I have favorite clothes too that seem to wrap me & keep me safe on what I think will be a challenging day. I am looking forward to seeing what you have to say about the shirt that is so special. Thanks for opening up new possibilities!

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