SOLSC: Teenage Humor

March 11, 2012

Yesterday, I spent the majority of my day with teenagers at a youth function. My job: van driver (and encourager, listener, connector).  I was trying to sneak in little bits of time to write and read throughout the day on my iPad. To another mom, I was explaining how writing on a laptop has one advantage over the iPad: you can cut and paste with the laptop.

One of the quieter, never-seems-to-notice-me teens looked up and said, “Mrs. G, you just need to right tap the screen.”

Burrowing my brows, I thought for a moment. I actually acted the right clicking in my head, when my brain realized I was a sucker .

“Ha, ha. Nathan, I finally got it,” I replied as I rolled my eyes. He just smiled and went back to his iPod.