SOLSC: Let’s Review, My Son

Have you ever had the below conversation with your children?

You know that I love you. That will never change. But, I have been noticing some things that I feel we need to review.

This is a hanger.

You use it to hang your shirts and pants on to stay neat.

This is a clothes hamper.

You pick up your dirty socks and other clothing items and deposit them here.

This is a book bag.

You need to return your books and homework in here.

This is the kitchen sink.

Your dirty plate and cup from the after-practice-late-night snack you enjoyed need to be deposited here.

This is the closet.

Your coat can hang nicely on this peg.

This is a hug.

You can give to me anytime you please.

I do believe I’ve taught you these things.

Now please, my eighteen year old, practice it.  (Nodding commences)

Good, because this is a grounding-on-hold in case you need reminding.


17 Responses to SOLSC: Let’s Review, My Son

  1. elsie says:

    Love the reminders! What a lucky child, a grounding-on-hold. I hope he remembers. Funny post!

  2. I like the way you put this as a review and now there will be a test (to see if he follows through ) and if he doesn’t pass the result is the grounding. Fun to read.

  3. Tam says:

    I love your words to your son–so to the point, but yet so loving. What kid could refuse to follow your requests. I will us this method for my grandchildren when they stay with us–thanks. You are a beautiful person, Mary Helen.

  4. Lisa H. says:

    I love this. Working it into my ‘repertoire’ as we speak. Thank you for a great slice!

  5. All good. Is it making any difference in his behavior yet?

  6. Linda Baie says:

    Very good, with an appropriate edge. I had a student whose mother told me he kept leaving the ice cream out. Oh boy, that age of adult hood & it is adulthood is challenging. My heart to you, the good mom!

  7. Yep…my 19 y/o is STILL nodding! haha….but, yeah….I”ve had the same conversations (over and over and over and over!)

  8. Tara says:

    Loved this…copied it and sent it to my 17 year old daughter as a refresher course on “living at home 101”.

  9. Julie says:

    Oh dear….. you mean it doesn’t get any better in the upcoming years. I have similar conversations with both my kids (11 and 13). I was sooooo hoping that things would start to connect. “This is a dishwasher, it has a door which opens, inside which you can place your dirty dishes. This is a towel rack, it is ideal for holding your towel after you use it. This is a trash can. It is designed as a place to hold all trash and refuse until it is time to empty it into a larger garbage can on garbage day……. etc.” Can I use your “grounding on hold idea!? UGH.

  10. the other ruth says:

    I think I am going to have to read this to a couple “somebodies” around here….if I can only find them!

  11. Karen says:

    I had one daughter that knew how to use those containers; the other one, not so much. Great post! Will be using it many times in the near future.

  12. Oh, these are conversations that I sometimes still have with my husband! (Minus the grounding-on-hold, but maybe I should add that in!) Thanks for the giggle tonight!

  13. mardie says:

    Smiling and nodding . . . smiling and nodding. Veteran here. Son and daughter both equally in need of reminders when they were 18, and 19, and . . . Now they have to remind themselves.

  14. I love the approach you took to this topic! What could have sounded whiny or critical is instead playful and caring! In other words, it is so YOU!

  15. mrssurridge says:

    Great conversation! Like Michelle, I too have these conversations with my husband. Thanks for making me feel like I’m in good company!

  16. Donna Smith says:

    I do like your matter-of-fact tone. Hope you get to keep the grounding on hold, because that would mean you didn’t have to do that list yourself!

  17. I have a son just like yours. Drives me bananas!

    (Nodding commences) as they all do.

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