SOLSC: Kindergarten Snippets

March 16, 2012

Kindergarten – just the word makes me cock my head a little and smile.  Most of the time, they are cute, fun, and so energetic. There are moments though that my kindergarten teachers could be bald. You know what I mean?

My favorite part about kindergarteners is their matter-of-fact expressions. Here are two that I heard today. 🙂

One bright five-year-old, who has great phonetic spelling, said today, “I know how to spell my friend, Jacob’s, name.”

His teacher smiled and said, “How?”

“Jakup. Jake – up.”  🙂


Another little boy, Tyler, can be very particular. When his mind is made up, he is right. (Do you have any of those kind of kids?)

During small group reading instruction, the teacher was introducing the word LIKES.

“See, Tyler. You already know this word, like,” she said covering up the letter S with her finger. “The letter S is added to make another word, LIKES.”

The little boy looked at the word, crossed his arms, and made a face. “What are they doing putting an S on the word LIKE? It’s LIKE, not that other word.”

His teacher nodded and replied,”Yes, it is LIKE, but in some sentences, like the ones were are reading today, it’s appropriate to read the word LIKES to make the sentence make sense.”

Tyler eyed her and said, “Nope. Not going to do it. You need to just kick that S off my word LIKE.” He proceeded to read the entire book leaving off the S. His teacher tried several times to interject the word LIKES, but Tyler was not going to believe it.

I wonder what Tyler is going to do when he reads the word LIKING.