SOLSC: Writing Group Part 4: The Story Unfolds

March 21, 2012

As the great writing group that we are, we sat on the sofas (yes, the Slices from the Sofa sofa) and listened to Tam share her delightful revised story of Neville.

Tam reading Neville to BONS.

Beginning with a wonderful prologue, Tam began:
“Have you ever seen or met a mouse? Can you imagine being friends with a mouse?” My mind begins wrapping around this adorable creature when I hear Ruth (Ayres)
“A mouse? Tam, I didn’t know you were writing horror.” You see, Ruth hates rodents. Because she loves the writing process, she has been generously learning to like Neville, to hear his story.

We laughed (okay, we belly laugh from the depths of our toes).
“Okay, I’ll be quiet, but I may have nightmares tonight.”

You see, the beauty of the BONS is that we listen, we laugh, we linger. Our little snippets of story, whether a hopeful-someday-I’ll-write-a-book to the possible posts we will share to the book that has a deadline – they all matter. Each person’s writing matters. We matter.

And that my friend, is why we BONS get together each month, no matter what.

(At this moment I am rereading this post, we have interrupted our thinking with a comment that has spurred laughter. You see the laughter is the best. It fuels our writing.)

***To hear the culmination of this wonderful evening, go to Ruth Ayres Writes.