SOLSC: The Substitute Report

On Wednesday, I had left my Title I groups in the hands of a capable young lady, my guest teacher. All my plans were explained in detail, including some helpful student-personality information.

The next morning, I read the letter on how the activities unfolded. The beginning was the basic “I finished everything you left me” and then proceeded to share a little about the students, like this particular first grader: “Josiah was very eager to read the book and talk about it. I gave him a sticker. :)” Whew – glad that one went well.

My eyes, like a typerwriter  computer, scrolled through the page and landed on this final nugget about two kindergarteners. Language and vocabulary is my main focus with these two English Language Learners (one speaks Spanish only and the little girl – well, her first language is English, but her sentence structure is like a 3-year-old). The note said,

Lindsey was worried that I would be mean because she didn’t know me. (I could see this little one just shying away; she’s very dramatic.) I talked to her and by the end of our time, Linsey was very rambunctious. She even had Jose giggling, (which is so not like him.)”

I chuckled. Who would have thought I needed to let the kindergartener know she was not a stranger, just a guest teacher?

My substitute ended with this wonderful note:

Thank you for the opportunity to look over your students.”


6 Responses to SOLSC: The Substitute Report

  1. elsie says:

    Making sub plans, yuck! How lucky you were that the plans seem to have been followed and you got a report back. What a pleasure it must have been to read that final line. So sweet!

  2. Tam says:

    If she felt like she looked over your students, she felt very good about her day in your classroom. And I wonder how that happened?–you left her with a multitude of savvy!

  3. Ahh, how wonderful to have things go well in our absence! It is always so hard to leave plans for a guest teacher. It sounds like you had one who was conscientious and nurturing–just like you!

  4. mrssurridge says:

    A good substitute is like gold! So glad you have one you can trust and who cares so much for the students. What a blessing!

  5. Dana says:

    That is so cool how she thanked you.

  6. Steph McCabe says:

    So glad your substitute was able to deal effectively with your students. It’s hard for kids to have change, so when you find a great sub, it just makes you, the teacher, feel so much better!


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