March 25, 2012

When Ruth posted the 31 Slice Ideas, my mind lingered for a moment about TV. I began to wonder how I could craft a piece about a TV show. I watch CSI with my husband and love The Mentalist (Patrick is so observant). Our family has started watching The Voice and don’t always agree with the judges. But I didn’t want to list the shows; I wanted to connect. Then it hit me – Monk.

Let’s just say, Mr. Monk and me, well…we have some similar traits. In the introductory scene, Mr. Monk returns at the door to turn the umbrella the correct way. When Adrian organizes papers, shelves, and books, my family looks at me. They don’t have to say it; they just know I relate. You see, I like to have items in an orderly fashion. It’s wonderful when the counters are clear, the shoes are lined up by the door, and the dishes are tidy.  I love the sense of organization. The neatness. The put-awayness. The everything-is-in-its-place ness. This is my heart’s desire.

The difference between Monk and me – I survive daily with my house not being tidy. Clean clothes are in laundry baskets waiting to be folded. Dishes are in the sink. Books are in piles. Although I would love for the tidiness to be in fashion, I look beyond my impulse to the family I have and live in reality. My family activities, the writing I do, the reading and commenting on blogs are more important than the desire to be an obsessive compulsive neat freak. One day, my children will be gone and the house will be quiet. Maybe then, I’ll have time to be neat. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy watching Mr. Monk keep his place organized and love my family instead.