SOLC: Baseball from A to Z

Baseball season has officially begun for the Whitko Wildcats. With it being Wesley’s senior year, my calendar is filled with each game being a priority. Sitting in the stands, I hope, cheer, and have a twisted-tight stomach.When Wesley pitches, I’m on the edge of my seat, clutching my pitch-count notebook. I also scribble baseball lingo and try to craft it. Tonight, I am sharing some of my favorite words in baseball: atta-kid, burner, change-up, double-play, hop-up, pick-off, slider, two-seamer. Learn of others in the book Baseball from A to Z. Below is a quick taste of what I feature on Book Savors the other eleven months of the year. (Savorings is my word for lingering in a beautiful text to find the craft of writing.)

In Baseball from A to Z , each letter has one vocabulary word with a simple definition. Macky Pamintuan’s illustrations make you smile and feel a part of the game. He states on the book jacket that he loves baseball. The illustrations are action packed and introduces specific terms used in baseball. This book could be a mentor text for kindergartener students or first graders for an All About Unit of Study.

At the end, Michael Spradlin encourages the reader to find other baseball words at the ball park. Read an excerpt from his book on the website.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Baseball from A to Z:

  • Alphabet practice
  • All About Unit of Study
  • Baseball lingo
  • Word choice
  • Definitions

4 Responses to SOLC: Baseball from A to Z

  1. Linda Baie says:

    The book looks great, especially since my grandson just started baseball season for the 2nd time (He’s 10 1/2). It may be a little young for him, but I don’t know those terms although we had Rockies season tickets for a lot of years. I’ll let the primary teachers know about the book, Mary Helen. I do like your savorings!

  2. mrssurridge says:

    I have a few young athletes in my class who would love this book! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Tam says:

    “Twisted tight stomach” I know that feeling. My oldest pitched in Little League. Sometimes I would have to walk away I got so nervous. Learning the logo of a game is a good idea for little ones. I’ll put that down on my kid book list.

  4. the other ruth says:

    A baseball book slice! Love it, and am glad you shared it with us. I know you have lots of baseball snippets in your notebooks, and I have a feeling that someday they will pull together into something fun.

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