SOLSC: Thinking Through My Fingers

I love this quote:

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. — Isacc Asimov


Isn’t that what we do? We write and think and write and think. And then we think some more. I guess it is one reason why I like to use paper and pen. I can jot my thoughts and think, leaving the open page nearby as I go about my chores. On Sunday, my youngest did something that made me chuckle. I didn’t want to lose the memory, so I grabbed a pen from my purse and began writing on our bulletin. I was trying to capture the essence of the moment as quickly as I could.

Other times, like now, I stop and think. Palm under my chin, I reread and talk to myself. The computer awaits my tapping fingers to mold the words my audience will understand. With every tap, my fingers grasp my thinking.

What thinking are you doing through your fingers?


7 Responses to SOLSC: Thinking Through My Fingers

  1. Tam says:

    Very true. I can’t believe I compose mostly on computer now, but I do have to return to paper and pen sometimes just because it’s a more thoughtful time. Think on and write.

  2. I love this quote! I have never come across it before, or at least never noticed it.

    I love the images of you that your words painted. I think I had my fingers curled under my chin while I absorbed this slice.

  3. Fabulous prompt. I am thinking about friends and pain and bills and parties and divorce and school and and and through my fingers.

  4. Linda says:

    This quote is new to me too, but it really is what we do when we write. I’ve always said that I think better when I’m writing. I do most of my writing on the computer because it seems like I can get my thoughts down quicker. But, I also write in my journal, make lists, jot notes, etc. with paper and pen. Thanks for reminding me of how important writing is to my mental health! : )

  5. Linda Baie says:

    Love the thought, Mary Helen. Sometimes my fingers are so weary, BTW, & sometimes they just skip right along (te he). Seriously, I enjoyed your writing from a quote. I just adore all kinds of quotes and love to think about them, so now you’ve suggested that maybe we should let our fingers think for us, too. Great idea!

  6. Deb says:

    I love quotes and I really like this one. Great idea to write on a quote. I do like composing on the computer but I’m always writing snippets on papers I have in my purse…receipts, scraps of paper, coupons…

  7. the other ruth says:

    Ah, the reflection of a true writer. 🙂 I’m glad you let your fingers share your thinking with the rest of us.

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