SOLC: Duh, Mrs. G

April 24, 2012

I work with a fourth grader, Jay, who is on the Autism Spectrum. He is high functioning in some ways and socially challenged in other ways. He reminds me of Dustan Hoffman in Rainman. Each day is an interesting experience.

Yesterday, I began our Monday morning conversation with the expected question, “So what did you do over the weekend?”

Jay answered, “Nothing much.” Silence followed and so I prodded some more, practicing conversation with him, trying to create a more open ended response.

“What did you do? What do you mean by ‘nothing much’?” I said hopefully.

Jay stopped, turned to face me, and totally serious said, “It means…I didn’t do anything.” Abruptly, he turned and kept walking as if to say, “Duh, Mrs. G.”

SOL: I Have Two Dads

April 17, 2012

I said,"Smile," and Dad made an onry, cheesy grin that made his grandkids, Wes and my niece, Tori, laugh.

I have two dads.
My first dad created me, nurtured me, encouraged me. He loves my mom, has provided for the family, is still by my side. He is my biological dad and I love him.

My second dad adopted me twenty years ago, teases me, loves me as his own. He nurtured my husband, gives him advice, is still by our side. He is my father-in-law and I love him.

These two dads are friends. They have opposite view points at times, discuss their grandchildren, and pray together each week. My dad worked in an office: my second dad worked with his hands. My dad is a people pleaser; my second dad is tells it like it is. My dad raised one child; my second dad raised ten. They agree on one important point – to love us dearly. And, they are there for each other.

My second dad has lived with us for the past five years. He has grafted in to our family and has blessed our lives with his wisdom, stories, and care.

My second dad has been in the hospital for over a week, celebrating his 80th birthday on April 15. He was surrounded by loved ones of all ages, concern lying beneath the well wishes. My dad visited him that day, joking as usual. Their bond is strong which carries us along.

I have two dads…
A blessing that fills my heart.

SOLSC: Learning From You

April 3, 2012

This is not the end. I have only just begun to learn from you. You, the community of writers who create slices that spark my interest, who share stories that touch my heart and make me smile.

I have only just begun to mold my words from your craft, to risk trying something new, to grow as a writer.

I have only just begun to meet you, recognize your style, and learn about your interests from your stories. I have only just begun to encourage you with my comments, to share how I connected and hope you will continue.

Wait… Tuesdays are here. The slicing can continue.

The Urge

April 1, 2012

It’s 11: 48 p.m. and I’m writing. I was snuggling in to sleep, gently relaxing when … I didn’t post. Yep, I was nearly asleep and realized I had forgotten something. It’s writing. I did read a few posts today and commented. I am not sure if I will keep writing daily, but I’m back in the swing of it. I have several books to post and am anxious to savor a several more this week during Spring Break.

I read my post about Elizabeth to my mom today. She loved it and asked for a copy. She has the picture already displayed, but I know the words were a gift. I don’t think I would have written that piece if it hadn’t been for Jessica Whitmore writing her piece about her son. I know there was another lady who wrote about her son and how to answer the question, “Do you have children?” (Sorry; it’s late. I’ll look it up tomorrow and link.) So many times I would read a post and an idea would come. I learned how to strike out a word to show my thinking from Christy Rush-Levine. I learned much from you all and will continue to do so on Tuesdays. See you then!