SOL: I Have Two Dads

I said,"Smile," and Dad made an onry, cheesy grin that made his grandkids, Wes and my niece, Tori, laugh.

I have two dads.
My first dad created me, nurtured me, encouraged me. He loves my mom, has provided for the family, is still by my side. He is my biological dad and I love him.

My second dad adopted me twenty years ago, teases me, loves me as his own. He nurtured my husband, gives him advice, is still by our side. He is my father-in-law and I love him.

These two dads are friends. They have opposite view points at times, discuss their grandchildren, and pray together each week. My dad worked in an office: my second dad worked with his hands. My dad is a people pleaser; my second dad is tells it like it is. My dad raised one child; my second dad raised ten. They agree on one important point – to love us dearly. And, they are there for each other.

My second dad has lived with us for the past five years. He has grafted in to our family and has blessed our lives with his wisdom, stories, and care.

My second dad has been in the hospital for over a week, celebrating his 80th birthday on April 15. He was surrounded by loved ones of all ages, concern lying beneath the well wishes. My dad visited him that day, joking as usual. Their bond is strong which carries us along.

I have two dads…
A blessing that fills my heart.


8 Responses to SOL: I Have Two Dads

  1. Tam says:

    You are so blessed, Mary Helen, to feel that way about your dads. What a wonderful world to nurture a family, I love the words “grafted into our family.” Even though your father-in-law is struggling, he looks like/has a lot going for him. Great pictures. Thanks for updating in a wonderful way.

  2. I also have two dads – my own and my father-in-law. They are both so dear to me and enjoy each other’s company. They are both so different yet so similar. A blessing indeed. Thank you for sharing!

  3. These things are what make life beautiful and you conveyed it all in a touching way. It is a lovely tribute to them.

  4. Linda Baie says:

    What a wonderful thing to have, your two dads. I like that you have been ‘held’ by these two men, loved and nurtured. This is such a loving tribute to them, and I can hear the worry in your words, too, Mary Helen. My prayers are with you. I loved the pics, too!

  5. elsie says:

    You brought tears to my eyes as I read this piece. The love you have for each dad comes through. Your matching beginning and end are perfect.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to both dads! I am speechless. I hope you second dad is doing okay!

  7. Wow, this slice is a keeper, for sure. This is one your children are going to want to hold on to. I teared up just reading your words–well, you really had me at the title. You took an unexpected approach to honoring your father-in-law, and it is just right. I love that you included pics. I know he is uncomfortable, but your father-in-law is definitely glowing–maybe it is because he is surrounded by loving support.

  8. djtsmith says:

    It is such a blessing to have one good dad in your life, but when you adopt your second dad, and he turns out to be a second blessing, it is almost more than you could ever wish for. I have told both my children to look to the family before they marry…they are your relatives now. You get them all!
    Your reflection is sweet, and such a tribute to both dads!

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