SOL: A Slight Case of Forgetfulness

Our third grade classes have begun their swimming lessons (thanks to a wonderful grant for life-long learning). One of the third grade teachers shared this funny story.

Ty was excited for swimming. Mr. F noticed some of the boys were wearing a t-shirt in the pool, including Ty. No big deal.

After their fun event, the boys changed into their clothing to go back to school. Mr. F noticed Ty had changed out of his swim trunks and into his shorts. Something slightly odd caught Mr. F’s eye, so he inquired.

“Ty, why do you still have on your wet t-shirt? Aren’t you going to change?”

Looking blankly at his teacher, Ty shook his head and shrugged,  “I forgot to take it off.”

Mr. F stiffled a smile. He forgot? He had to take a rinse-off shower before getting into the pool. Wouldn’t he have noticed he had on his t-shirt?

Apparently not.


6 Responses to SOL: A Slight Case of Forgetfulness

  1. elsie says:

    Kids are so funny!

  2. Oh wow. That’s something. It amazes me how some kids can walk around in a fog like that, but it happens. It takes all kinds of kids to make the world go ’round, right?

  3. It might be fun to get that excited about something!

  4. There’s a surprise every day, isn’t there? Poor guy-he was probably a little embarrassed too.

  5. Donna Smith says:

    Now it’s all clean for tomorrow!

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