SOLC: Want to Know a Secret?

sols_6“Want to know a Secret?” my sixteen-year-old daughter said to me today, eyes focused on mine.

My brain does the visual happy dance as my body remains in non-reactive mode. A secret? Are you kidding? For sure I want to know a secret! I want to know all. Moments like these are absolutely, positively, the best ever.

I nod my head and smile. My eyes are locked on hers and I stop typing. I’ve learned to catch the momentary hook my kids throw. I’ve been waiting for it since the last time. They lasso me in and I am captivated.

“Promise not to tell?” she continues. Such a serious look on her face. This question is like when she was little, but I know what she is going to say is not going to be about catching a butterfly.

“Yes, I promise,” I respond with my eyebrows going up slightly. Remain calm. Don’t over react.

“For real. You cannot tell anyone. I know you, Mom. You talk to other moms and you can’t say a word,” she replies with a smile on her face and a look that says, I mean it!

“I won’t,” I assure her, wondering what in the world she is going to tell me. The last time she shared a secret it was about her friend’s dating life. My jaw dropped open upon hearing the details. I’ve kept that secret, but I slip in some motherly advice from time to time.

“M is dating K.” My eyes widen and my jaw drops again. “I knooooow, Mom. For real. She says ….”

We talked awhile about dating, temptation, purity. We talked about what she wants in a guy. We talked about why Dad loves her so much (me too) and how older brother is there for her too. We talked. We talked and I learned a secret and spent time listening.

Want to know my secret? I pray.


9 Responses to SOLC: Want to Know a Secret?

  1. Tara Smith says:

    I think I know your secret….you are a wonderful mom! You know exactly how to listen to a sixteen year old, and that’s why she tells you her secrets. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. elsie says:

    You tell a story so well. I was on the edge of my seat to learn the secret. Finally I could relax, whew! I promise not to tell your secret to your daughter, but I think all parents have that secret.

  3. Love the moments with daughters. Someimes I learned more than I wanted to know. My daughter is an adult now. It’s nice that she feels she can talk with you!

  4. C. Crouch says:

    great description of the excitement to hear a secret. love your story—let’s hope she contunues to tell you secrets forever! 🙂

  5. mvervinck says:

    I have teenagers, too. It is wonderful that you have created such an open environment where your daughter feels comfortable talking to you. Enjoy!

  6. MH, you are such a good mom. I could completely relate to this post. I’m so glad E has you and confides in you.

  7. Ruth Ayres says:

    Your ending is well-crafted, Mary Helen. I love the simplicity and the power in it. I hope you are proud of those lines.

  8. I was beginning to worry that her secret would be too safe with you and we wouldn’t even know the nature of it… you are good!

  9. Tam says:

    You have crafted a story here, Mary Helen. It’s wonderful your daughter confides in you. The ending is so strong and powerful. Write on, dear friend.

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