SOLC: Today I Touched the Sky

sols_6This morning on my drive to work, a natural beauty surrounded me. I was in awe.

As a little girl, my eyes would look skyward and wondered what heaven was like. My sister was there and I often would daydream playing with her in the clouds. Wouldn’t it be fun to jump from one fluffy, white cloud to the next? My smile spreads, knowing our experience would totally be fun. I’m not sure what heaven will look like, but nature’s beauty gives me a glimpse of God’ handiwork.

This morning, the heavens came down and I was able to touch the sky. The wispy fog brushed across the fields, over the road, and into my memory. Grabbing my camera, I snapped a picture to hold on to the moment. Personally, I like to think my sister was waving from the clouds, bringing me a smile once again.

Morning Fog


9 Responses to SOLC: Today I Touched the Sky

  1. newtreemom says:

    Awesome picture, and awesome that you felt your sister in the experience.

  2. elsie says:

    I love to see the clouds so close, but have never been able to capture it on film. So cool! Your sister sent you a slice from heaven today. It must have been a good day.

  3. C. Crouch says:

    gorgeous! I love your memory and how you stop to take notice. I too have a sister in heaven. When we find a feather we say she is sending us a message. 🙂

  4. MH, this is one of many things I love about you. You see things like this and actually stop to capture…or at least enjoy just for yourself.

  5. I have held this belief since I was very young: souls travel from heaven to earth and back on the air particles we can see (sunbeams, mist, fog). I love how you wove the story of your sister into the your story of the scenery to make that connection for us. Beautiful picture, beautiful slice, beautiful moment.

  6. Tam says:

    Glad “the heavens came down” for you, Mary Helen. A wonderful way/time to think of your sister.

  7. Ruth Ayres says:

    MH — Thanks for writing close to the bones. I love the way you noticed something small that means something big.

  8. Sounds like a poem as you read it — and even a prayer.

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