SOLC: Wave and Smile

sols_6After dropping my son off at the middle school, I headed to school. Coming to the four-way stop, I noticed a familiar truck. His business logo was on the side. He often drops his daughter off at school the same time I do. A routine activity for both of us.

This time, he waved. He waved and he smiled. So did his daughter. They are acquaintances, but I was still surprised by his kind gesture. On a morning where I was not fully ready, their actions spurred a smile on my face and a cheer in my heart.

A wave – something so simple yet powerful. I couldn’t believe the positive serotonin flowing through my veins.

I decided to reciprocate the action on the next person I saw. On the lone road, a van was waiting to pull out. With a big smile, I waved. The lady looked at me, so I kept waving. Finally, a smile crossed her face.

I’m sure the lady was wondering who I was and why I waved. It didn’t matter. What did matter was the spark of joy I passed on to someone else.

Try it. Wave at someone and smile.


2 Responses to SOLC: Wave and Smile

  1. elsie says:

    A brief moment of human contact brightens a day. I will try to pass it on tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Great idea MH! Thanks for passing it along here–I’m sure this will spark many more acts of friendliness and smiles.

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