SOLC: A Kinder Connection :)

sols_6I just love working with my primary kids. They say the cutest things, enticing me grab a scrap of paper for recording.

Today, one lone adorable girl was reading with me. The title of the book was Fun Pets. We were doing the usual introduction and picture walk. Spotting the soft, yellow kitten, Darling “Awwwed” a sweet, cuddly sigh.

“Do you have a pet kitten?” I inquired, hoping to connect with the text.

“We can’t have a cat. Our neighbor will hold her cat up to the window for me to see,” Darling state with a forlorn look.  “I like cats, but we just cant’ have one.”

Thinking there was a significant reason besides a parental dislike for the cat, I inquired,”Oh. Are you allergic to them?”

Darling shook her head, “No, but my dad and I are allergic to poison ivy” to which she proceeded to nod profusely. “Yeah, that poison ivy is awful bad. It itches all on my arms.”

I tried to react with concern and understanding, but inside I was cracking up. How do little kids connect one idea to another? Thank goodness for a post-it note, as I quickly scribbled this idea down. I love capturing these moments of innocence, sincerity, and some hilarity mixed in.


3 Responses to SOLC: A Kinder Connection :)

  1. Oh, kids do say so many great things! If I had a sticky note for everything I heard all day long . . . Thanks for the chuckle!

  2. Don’t you wonder ‘how’ & ‘why’? What a funny thing. Perhaps she thinks cat rub against poison ivy leaves? Thanks, Mary Helen.

  3. How funny–you never know what you are going to get with the little ones….which is why we love them!

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