SOLC: M & Ms

M&Ms are a favorite, and this morning I am thinking of several.

March Madness Mishap (What I thought at first when I saw the thick snow)
Marvelous March Miracle (not sure I want to categorize the spring surprise like this)
Majestic Magnificent Manefesto (nope, nothing spectacular on the agenda)
Momentary Mechanical Mishap (not really;I just like playing with those words)
Momentary Musically Masquerading (indeed I just did a happy dance)
Muse. Meditate. Manage. (Daily)
Mental Muscles Manipulated (This morning’s slice)

Monday Morning Meanderings (Yep. Like it.)



5 Responses to SOLC: M & Ms

  1. elsie says:

    Marvelous message made!

  2. I like it, too.
    Makes me marvel!
    ( I had to try after you and Elsie did:)

  3. mtsedwards says:

    You’re my second alliterative slice today. Bonus! Here’s hoping your day doesn’t miss its mark. 🙂

  4. Tam says:

    Monday Morning Meanderings–sounds like a Monday blog name. Mental Muscles Manipulated is what we’re doing every day this month!

  5. I love this word play! Woo-hoo!

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