SOLC: The Ordinary becomes Spectacular


From Two Writing Teachers, Ruth Ayres posted

Lessons from a Chairmaker


The Ordinary becomes Spectacular!

It’s moments

like these

in the classroom and in my home

that make life

so enormously special.


drives excellence.


is my passion? How

can I spark

passion? Passion

fuels the energy to keep going.

In moments of passion,

my heart thrives… reflects… adjusts….

In the moments when the ordinary becomes spectacular,

my heart soars.

How can I keep

the passion going?

When I’m tired,

am I passionate? Does

my passion weary?

I must not!

Love Ruth’s post!

Great meaning

for each day of teaching,



5 Responses to SOLC: The Ordinary becomes Spectacular

  1. mag says:

    It’s easy to see you have a passion for literacy and sharing it with others. Thanks!

  2. I was inspired by Ruth’s post also. It can be difficult to keep that passion alive, especially with the many demands on our time. Thankfully, we have this wonderful community motivating us to be our best, passionate selves!

  3. Tam says:

    Amen, Mary Helen. Passion is what keeps one alive and well. I can see passion in your eyes all the time.

  4. Well said, Mary Helen. I feel it through your words.

  5. Ruth Ayres says:

    Mary Helen,
    I’m humbled that my words seeped into you and inspired a post. It is surreal to see them reflected back in this post. Thank you for writing it.

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