SOL: BONS, I Appreciate You!

sols_6The BONS writing group began over two years ago and has been a powerful agent in each of our lives. I’m proud of each of us slicing all 31 days in March!! Whoop Whoop! 🙂

Today, I have been thinking of each of you, BONS. Maybe it’s because we are setting dates to meet. Maybe it’s because I’m writing my supportive thesis for my teaching evaluation. Maybe it’s just because thoughts of you brings sunshine to my day.

Ruth, you are exemplifying, real, supportive. Your leadership shines through and lifts me up. I love reflecting with you about school, about writing, about kids. The thousands of words you write inspires me to keep going.

Tam, you are endorsing, loyal, helpful. Your quiet reflection rings powerful through your masterpiece of of memories. I love your sketches, your bits of ideas sculpted into possibilities. Your perseverance and charm nudges new thoughts and makes me smile.

Ruth M (aka: the other Ruth), you are encouraging, insightful, reflective. Your poetic craft spell bounds me – every time. I love the richness of your words, savoring them over and over and over. Your calm perspective ignites ideas and sparks persistence.

Tammy, you are energizing, creative, heartful. Your stories bring out laughter and emotion. I love your adventurous spirit and welcoming friendship has taught me to stretch beyond myself. Your enthusiasm spreads and your conversations are the best!

We all bring laughter and stories. It’s contagious. Our BONd keeps us fueled for the daily writing or idea-mulling treadmill. The celebration is the key. It’s in celebrating the bits of nothing and somethings that’s at the heart of the BONS.


5 Responses to SOL: BONS, I Appreciate You!

  1. Tam says:

    Oh, my, thank you, Mary Helen. Sometimes we never know how we translate ourselves. I will keep these traits in mind. I’ve never been part of a group quite like this. The group is a BONd (clever) between us, and those “bits of nothing” translate into ease, trust, and support when we meet. “Whoop Whoop!”–if I may borrow!

  2. elsie says:

    What a special group of writers you have in your life! You are blessed to have such a BONd.

  3. Linda Baie says:

    I just started a writing group with colleagues at school, Mary Helen. We’ve only met three times, but are loving the time together. You’ve just made me excited about it all over again. Lucky you to have such a bond!

  4. And I am so thankful for your writing group as well – all of you are such great contributers and readers. Your examples as writers, the time you spend reading and reflecting to others is a gift.

    • MaryHelen says:

      Thank you, Amelia. It’s fun to think we are great contributors. Ruth is the forerunner, but we all have a place in the group to support our writing. I’m glad you are slicing. It’s where it begins.

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