SOL: Culinary Love

sols_6The past four days, I have cooked dinner for several extra persons. Chicken, pasta, salad, forks, plates, glasses.

My culinary arts lack creativity, but my family does not go hungry.

I do not enjoy reading cookbooks, trying new recipes. I prefer the familiar, the tested, tried and true dishes. This choice is not due to my taste buds. Nope, it’s due to efficiency. I am quicker with tradition.

You see, my friends, cooking is not a favorite activity. I wish for a cook more than a maid.

The past four days, I have cooked and cooked and cooked some more … and loved every minute.

Why you may ask?


My son is home from college.

My Iowan niece and nephew have moved here.

My mother wished for a home cooked meal.


Laughter and sharing and more laughter has filled our rooms. The kitchen is the central meeting place.

And I listen.

My daughter shares, giggles, reciprocates the humor of her cousin. My sons banter with their father and voice levels range. My nephew wrestles and joins in. Snippets of stories are shared. Slices of hope, support, of family ring in the air and my heart is satisfied.

The past four days, I have cooked and listened and savored. My culinary love calls for their stories and we are nourished.


7 Responses to SOL: Culinary Love

  1. Rachel S. says:

    You captured what I love most about cooking, as well. There’s nothing like the good people and laughter and happiness that surrounds the kitchen when there’s people to cook for that you love.

  2. Ruth Ayres says:

    Yes, story is the sustenance of life!

    I didn’t know you didn’t like to cook! Maybe I can be your cook and you can be my house cleaner. Haha.

  3. “The past four days, I have cooked and listened and savored. My culinary love calls for their stories and we are nourished.” I love the way you put this.

  4. elsie says:

    It’s the company that makes tasks we don’t enjoy pass quickly. Sounds like your home has been a busy hive. Sweet!

  5. elle1955 says:

    Sometimes the most unpleasant task changes in the glow of love.

  6. People do congregate around food & stories, don’t they? My grandmother used to have a plaque in her kitchen that said “No matter where I serve my guests, they always like my kitchen best.”
    So true!

  7. Linda Baie says:

    I don’t much like to cook either Mary Helen, but love the houseful-stories! Funny, but I do read cookbooks, & especially like those who give recipes and the story with it, but I rarely want to cook the recipe-admire from afar? I loved the way you wound us through your weekend, of food required, but story needed. (I think there is a difference!) Thank you!

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