SOLC: Smile AllWrite!!!13

June 25, 2013

sols_6My heart is still soaring from the delights of the AllWrite13 Conference. I always look forward to hearing the speakers and being nudged to continue teaching the child, not just the curriculum. I learned about the excitement of poetry, working with words, and conferring enlightens our understanding.

Tammy and I had our books ready for our presentation. I was excited, my heart fluttering. Finding books to share is never our difficulty; it’s reducing the number of books to share that is so difficult. As the audience began filing in to the room, I did an excited jump inside seeing Nanc sitting there. Her smile is the best! Ruth and Christy came in, encouraging us the entire time. My parents came too. What a treat! Then Linda slipped in too. The night before, we gave a preview to Elsie and Jenn.

(For those interested, Summer Institute.2013 is the power point of the books we shared at our session.)


Although the learning was great, the time spent with the ladies was the most uplifting. This conference was about personal growth. When I share with my friends and coworkers about the Slice of Life community, encouragement and positiveness are the two words I share. As a writer, I have grown through the specific, uplifting comments. I read other slices and think, Wow, I like how she did that. I’m going to try. One notebook is filled with golden lines I’ve gathered from others. We mentor each other and grow.

I remember three years ago reading Bonnie’s slices and thinking, This woman knows how to write. I’m out of my league. But I learned that we are all writers growing, learning, stretching, sharing, comforting, uplifting, … we are writing together. Through slices and stories, our lives are being changed. My life was touched for the better and the memory of AllWrite13 holds a smile in my heart.

Now the nudge of writing has been given. Motivation has increased. I know I will encourage the ladies I have met and will smile seeing them around the table of my heart.

Hugs, Mary Helen