Harley Moments: Snuggles

September 30, 2013
Lessons I'm Learning About Our Loving God

Harley Moments:
Lessons I’m Learning About Our Loving God

I love my dog.

Harley loves to snuggle. If a lap is available, he is quick to find residence in it. Within the first few moments we met Harley at the Animal Shelter, he was enticed to hop on Elizabeth’s lap. He gladly accepted the invitation and has been a lap lover ever since.

On most occasions, including this writing, my lap is unavailable and so he snuggles beside me. He’s an expert at saddling beside you and maneuvering in for a comfortable position. Harley does not hesitate with his wish to be close, cuddling in.

The invitation was given and Harley wholeheartedly obliged. Permission granted to cuddle has been accepted every day since. My dog basks in the closeness give to him. He bathes in the love provided for him and reciprocates his adoration. Harley snuggles in the knowledge of his adoption.

My God, how you must love me! I am a Harley, a being who desires love, acceptance, and belonging by my Savior, my God. Why is this yearning so hard to grasp? Why do I question and debate invisible stipulations? Why do I doubt God can just envelope me unconditionally? The negative reasoning is no match for You.

I love my dog.

But you, God, … you love me more!

With tears streaming, my soul is humbled, gratified, and amazed at this all-accepting love God gifts to me.

Psalm 13:5-6 “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me.”

SOLC: Writing Group = Stories!

September 24, 2013

sols_6May came and we were wishing each other best wishes for the summer. June arrived, filled with new friendships at the AllWrite!!! Summer Institute. But one was missing. July charged us up with cottage chatter and laughter. But one was missing. August began anew and our schedules were jammed. Everyone was missing. October was too far away and so one September night was reserved, anticipated, honored. No one missed.

We arrived with hugs and laughter. The table was set and smiles radiating. We were together. We finally were sharing our stories.

Tam, Ruthie, MH, Tammy with our new notebooks. Thanks my friend!

Tam, Ruthie, MH, Tammy with our new notebooks. Thanks my friend!

Our writing group sometimes writes together, sometimes takes moments for notebook entries, and sometimes shares pieces written. The whole night is about sharing in the writing process – gathering, planning, drafting, revising, editing, and definitely celebrating!! This past Thursday night was mainly about sharing our stories. We listened and questioned, prompted and uplifted. This night was about pouring our thoughts and enjoying our friendship. Without these nights, our writing would be quiet, possibly unnoticed. It would be waiting for any celebration. Without this night, I wouldn’t have been nudged to write from the heart.Harley Moments

I have some new stories that are stirring from the depths of my heart. The writing is not grand, but it is real. This writing is true and has just begun to blossom. My desire to write has hightened and time in the morning is being carved out. This writing may not be published but it will be shared. The story is too meaningful to not share. 

From our BONS night, Ruth lovingly presented each of us with a notebook. Others dear received them too. This notebook came at just the right time to hold the stories growing from my heart. Thank you, my dear friend. Thank you to my BONS. Without your listening, my stories would remain silent.