The Never-Ending Laundry

“Will the laundry ever end?” a young mother asked me once. I smiled and shook my head. Nope. Not ever.
I use to dread doing the laundry. I still can’t say it’s my favorite chore, but my attitude changed.

I posted about laundry once and a commenter’s wisdom made me think. She alluded to losing a loved one and how she misses doing the laundry. Having laundry means I have family.
Laundry means my son plays football and is active, healthy young man growing through the pain.
Laundry means my daughter is learning to find her beauty and being beautiful in sweatshirts as well as her blouses.
Laundry means I will see my college son and hear his stories of practice, mischievous moments, and just plain life.
Laundry means my husband has a job and cares enough to give a hand.
Laundry means love, family
And I am thankful I have it to do.


4 Responses to The Never-Ending Laundry

  1. Pattyann says:

    Love this one! Laundry is a great way to remind us that we are loved and worth loving!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    What an awesome perspective… I get so tired of washing and folding the tiny outfits, matching tiny socks, yet one day I’ll miss it, I presume. Thanks for sharing!

  3. ernestenvy says:

    YES! all of this! finally someone who takes laundry as such a positive thing. thank you thank you thank you! this is beautiful!

  4. elsie says:

    Every word you write is so true. This makes one stop, pause , and reflect on what might seem like an annoying chore, truly is a blessing in disguise.

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