Yes We Can!

Just hearing the title of the book, Yes We Can!, gives me a boost of energy. Sam McBratney , author of Guess How Much I Love You?, chose to focus on the positive, something kids often forget to do (or adults for that matter). Life is full of possibilities and this book triumphs in teamwork over put-downs.

Three friends, Little Roo, Country Mouse, and Quacker Duck, decide to make the biggest mountain of leaves ever – together (seem familiar during this fall season). Upon resting, one character challenges another by saying, “You can’t ….” Each character tries to no avail, only to have their feelings hurt from laughter from the others. A wise mother intervenes and changes the point of view from ‘can’t’ to “What can you do?” Charles Fuge’s illustration depicts the emotions from frustration to success.

I love how they accomplish a task and the friends applaud each other. I have been sharing this book with my first grade interactive writing group and they are connected to the story. Positive and encouraging comments have been the goal for this week (and hopefully throughout the school year.)

Savorings for reading and in writing for Yes We Can!:

  • Community building
  • Dialogue with all three types of sentences for a punctuation lesson
  • Every day happening
  • Repeating structure
  • Kid voice – “Don’t you dare laugh at me!” cried Roo.

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