Time {Celebrations}

Time is an element in my life that seems to disappear. Time really doesn’t float away, but the way I choose to fill it can slice away at it. I am usually wishing for more time.

Snow: Due to the snow and bitter temperatures, I have been granted extra time. I am thrilled!!!


Laundry: the chore that is never ending. Today I did a jig as I was elated to see the laundry hamper empty. My washing machine was silent. For today, I am thrilled to capture this infrequent moment of satisfaction.



Decorations: I love snowmen decor for the winter months. Drifting snow outside isn’t so fun, but I like to think the snow people are having a grand ball.


Harley: my dog is adorable! We have cuddled and played during the extra time shared. I am accepting the fact that Harley is attached to my father-in-law. I believe Harley senses his need for companionship, so I am learning to share his love.



Children: I have chauffeured my children to and from practice, friends homes, and shared on errands. I love the time I have with them in conversation. The van is a great spot to listen.
Wesley is back at college. He texted yesterday that he is featured on the Grace college promo video. He is in motion for only two seconds, but I am a proud mama. You can see him around the 1min. 52 sec. Of the 3 min. video at http://www.grace.edu. The video is under the heading “Beyond Grace”.


Asante Choir: a children’s choir from Africa performed at our church on Wed. Their ages were from 5 to 14. After serving them supper, each child came and hugged me in the kitchen. They told us “thank you”. My heart melted!! Their performance was lively, uplifting, and full of blessings. Most have been orphaned from the wars and AIDS. We have much to be thankful and to celebrate!




4 Responses to Time {Celebrations}

  1. elsie says:

    The weather has certainly given us time this winter. Of course this time missed gets tacked on somewhere else, but it is nice to savor the moment now. Proud mama indeed! Harley is there to comfort, what a special companion! I bet that choir was something to hear. I wish I could have been there. I love your joy of no laundry, even if it is only a momentary event.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I’m glad you had time to post these wonderful pictures, and to hear what’s going on in your life Mary Helen. We have snow coming Monday, but only about 4 inches, won’t have a snow day I’m sure! I’m happy you’ve had such a good time with your son home, & with all the family! Grace college looks like a beautiful place!

  3. Jaana says:

    Great post filled with celebrations! The African children’s choir would have been wonderful to hear! Maybe next time I will take a photo of my empty laundry hamper to celebrate its emptiness (could also motivate me)!

  4. Tam says:

    Good you have found time to celebrate in January, and dogs are wonderful companions. Laundry! Done??? What a plus! Love the pictures.

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