Did I mention…? {SOL}

Did I mention my children to you lately?
Did I mention how my thoughts are on them so much these days?
Did I mention that the years, months, days now seem like hours left to share?

Did I mention how I do Wesley’s laundry so I can see a glimpse of him each week?
Did I mention he is a junior in college according to credits, is playing baseball, mastered the 6 minute mile at 5:48, is learning to throw a new pitch and looks promising to be on the varsity lineup?
Did I mention I text him just to say I am thinking and praying for him to receive a delightful, meaningful response in thanks?

Did I mention Tim is playing basketball and is a team vocal leader?
Did I mention his timid personality is changing into a confident, quiet young man, who is trusting the words of his parents and Lord?
Did I mention he loves helping the little kids during the mid-week youth activities and is learning to be responsible, trying to be gentle through play and gracious with words?

Did I mention Elizabeth loves helping people?
Did I mention she likes volunteering at the blood drive, loving on her preschool mid-week kids, teaching and admonishing them?
Did I mention the wrestling coach relies on her to take charge of the stats, equipment, and even his keys (which he continually seems to misplace)?

Did I mention my kids decide to talk to me in the middle of an activity and how I am listening?
Did I mention how time has passed too quickly for this mother of teenagers?
Did I mention how I love my children, grab hold of the moments, and tuck them into my memory?

Did I mention … these fleeting thoughts on a cold, snowy morning are just a glimpse into my heart?


13 Responses to Did I mention…? {SOL}

  1. elsie says:

    You may have mentioned something, but it is always good to say it again. Where did the time go? You have some special kids, but then I didn’t need to tell you that.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Well, you saw my post today, and those “kids” are still being mentioned, Mary Helen, long away. I love this, and never tire of hearing about your wonderful kids. Yes, you’ve mentioned them a few other times, but I’m happy you have!

  3. Ramona says:

    So glad to hear these loving words from your mother heart. The time goes by so quickly. I love every FaceTime visit and text with my two that we can squeeze in between our daily activities. Keep grabbing hold of the moments, tucking them into memory, and writing about those fabulous kids!

  4. Tara Smith says:

    Ah, this is lovely, Mary Helen. You can’t mention love like this often enough.

  5. Pat Schroeder says:

    Yes, your teens are very special! I have enjoyed watching them over the years. I am well aware that they have parents who prayerfully guided them to be the best they can be. Good parenting Rick and Mary Helen! The world would be a much better place if more parents were like you two.

  6. This piece and so warm and heartfelt and will one day be treasured by those teens as they hold a little one.

  7. blkdrama says:

    Love that start and your great kids who make you so proud.
    Bravo mom!!!

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