Happy Heart {Celebrations}

Celebrate the big and little moments in life with the writing community at Ruth Ayres Writes. Try it! Your heart will be encouraged.

Celebrate the big and little moments in life with the writing community at Ruth Ayres Writes. Try it! Your heart will be encouraged.

I’m celebrating sharing the book, Sophie Skates, in connection with the Winter Olympics. I love watching the gracefulness of skaters.Sophie Skates


I celebrated (and am still celebrating) my college son who sent me a delightful picture text. My smile ignited!

Valentine's present reciprocated a thank you text.

Valentine’s present reciprocated a thank you text.

BelieveI’m jumping for joy: the Powerpoint is ready for my presentation next week. I have been working on this idea of a book (thanks to my dear BONS group) for Noticing Craft in the Books You Love. I have written a draft and another and yet another. And then it has sat, away. This time, I didn’t reread anything I had written. I began with a blank page for an outline. The explanation seemed clearer. In fact, the points were there all along; I just needed time to reflect, to believe, to try again.

BONS, thank you! We finally were able to meet – no snow, no rain, no schedules.  Wait – yes, there has been but we overcame! (Missed you, Tam.) My email title was “Desperate to Meet”. We listened, shared, celebrated. And we laughed!!! My dear friend, Tammy, is the best story-teller. The snowsuit story definitely is one I will remember – and needs to be written. You rival Robert Munch on that one, my dear friend.

The best smiles ever! BONdS forever we’ll be! (Tammy and Ruth)



7 Responses to Happy Heart {Celebrations}

  1. elsie says:

    Your celebrations do lead to a happy heart! So excited to read that you are working on your book. Love the pic of Tammy and Ruth, what an awesome group to give feedback!

  2. Deb Day says:

    Love the picture of your son. What a great way to thank you! And keep working in that book! You have so much to share (and what a group of supporters you have)

  3. jenferg11 says:

    I loved your celebrations. They made me smile. So glad you were able to get together with the group. I know meeting with my friends always feeds my soul.

    I love how you always have a book recommendation for every occasion.

    Thanks for sharing your celebrations,

  4. Tara Smith says:

    Love the picture of your son, too ! And how exciting to be working on a book – I hope you’ll keep us posted.

  5. Linda Baie says:

    Terrific to see every bit of this, Mary Helen. The Olympics have been delightful, haven’t they? Your BONS group makes me envious-and so proud of you for the writing of your book. I know it’ll be wonderful! Love that thank you pic too!

  6. Ramona says:

    That thank you text is the best and he looks quite handsome in that new shirt. Can’t wait for you to do more with your book idea. So glad your BONS group was able to get together. It is fun to be supported by friends. Love seeing you here on Saturdays!

  7. Tam says:

    I missed the BONS group’s hugs and laughter. Glad you met. We celebrated Lucas’ 9th birthday, finally, and I got to sell Girl Scout cookies with Lilly at Walgreens! Spring is coming!!!

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