All Write!!! 2014 {Celebrations}

Wednesday evening began with the BONS meeting on the fly during our dinner. (We were secretly drafting and revising an opening for our dear friend Ruth.) I loved seeing everyone and the room was full of chatter, bringing delight to my ears.



Thursday, I also presented, Finding Craft in the Books You Love. My heart pounded and I became overwhelmed by the gracious audience. With standing room only and my colleagues, friends in the audience, my delight in books overflowed.

Loved it all. More on this later.

20140621-214927-78567316.jpg<br /


8 Responses to All Write!!! 2014 {Celebrations}

  1. loraleebain says:

    What an exciting week for you!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    It was such a pleasure being with you again, Mary Helen. You’re probably long asleep & I feel like I’m still on eastern time, just arrived home about an hour ago. Best wishes to you for a delightful time Monday, & all the summer!

  3. Your presentation was amazing and you handled the standing room only crowd with such grace, Mary Helen. I can’t wait to use the things you taught me about mentor texts and mini lessons.

  4. elsie says:

    I think the happy faces show the delight that comes from this meeting. Missing your laughter already.

  5. There is something about you BONS. Your happiness is contagious. I cannot look at that group selfie without grinning ear to ear. Your introduction of Ruth was just perfect. It was wonderful to see you again, especially to see you present. You really broke down the thinking behind each step of your process. So cool. Looking forward to crashing with you on Monday!

  6. blkdrama says:

    You guys look so cool together. Miss you!!!!

  7. Awwww…it was the BEST meeting all of you! Your joy is contagious!

  8. Tam says:

    The best of times! And I got to talk to those whose posts inspire me! Great fun being sneaky, too.

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