Taking Action {Celebrations}

20140531-222133-80493943.jpgToday I am celebrating fall break. I have spent the past two mornings reading children’s books, writing about them, and snuggling with my cats. Delightful!

Wes is home too. He has one paper to go and I spent part of this afternoon talking through ideas with him. I love helping him. Elizabeth and Tim have been laughing with the practical jokes. Wes literally ate half of Elizabeth’s French Toast as she was getting the syrup. She wouldn’t have noticed, but I couldn’t stifle my laughter.

I am figuring out how to sneak time in to read to kids. I read two different books this week and loved it!! My realization is fueling some change. (Thanks Elsie and Ramona.)


Sunshine after the rain. Gorgeous!

The sun is shining. The moon was brilliant this week. The reds in the trees are radiating. Beautiful fall.

Senior night for Elizabeth happened. Smiles from the three senior golfers. Great memories as this page turns in her life.

Congrats ladies!

Congrats ladies!

Tam and Ruth were enjoying family; I miss them. Tammy, Ruth, and I still met together, brushing off the difficulties of teaching. We shared stories, laughed, listened and laughed some more. Our spirits were uplifted. (And I shared books.)



4 Responses to Taking Action {Celebrations}

  1. elsie says:

    Joyous words, heart uplifted, this is the Mary Helen I recognize. 🙂 Story does a body good!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Sounds like life is good lately, Mary Helen, & I’m happy for you. Thought of you the other day, picked up a new chicken book, Chickens Build A Wall. Have you seen it? Funny, & good for conversation too about believing everything one hears.

  3. It makes me happy to read the happy things are going on with you. Fall, family and of course books!

  4. Ramona says:

    Love this post, 3 day weekends, kids home from school, senior golfers & breakfast shenanigans! Especially love that sneaked in some books! Keep it up.

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