Honoring Veterans: Lisette’s Angel

AngelDo you have a family member who has served our country? Do you know his story? Amy Littlesugar shares a story inspired by her father-in-law who was a paratrooper. Lisette’s Angel begins during World War II when the French were occupied by the Germans. Lisette and Emile had endured hardship and prayed for an angel to erase the war. Max Ginsburg’s painting illustrations are brilliant, life-like, capturing your heart in the moment of tense survival.

1944, the night of D Day, paratroopers dropped into France. Some of the soldiers drifted onto farms and were helped by the French countrymen. Lisette and Emile awoke to the sound of planes. A solo “angel” feel into the children’s farm. Curious, they went to his aide. Hearing the “click-clack” of the German boots, Lisette led the limping soldier into the barn. As the soldiers drew closer, Lisette sprinted to gather the “star” parachute from the yard. Thankful, the American paratrooper gave his Hershey bar to Emile and left the silk parachute.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Lisette’s Angel:

  • Exploding the Moment – saving the soldier slipping out to retrieve the parachute
  • Onomatopoeia – “CLICK-CLACK!” interjected between the lines to increase tension
  • Perspective – story told through a young child’s eyes
  • Author’s Note – Paratroopers landed in France; people risked their lives for freedom.
  • Family stories

South Whitley Community Library





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