How BIG Could Your PUMPKIN Grow?

Image result for how big could your pumpkin growThe author, Wendell Minor, invites the reader to imagine the largeness of a familiar place by using a pumpkin as a common object. He crafts How BIG is Your Pumpkin? by sprinkling imagination with historic as well as present happenings. For example, a pumpkin lingering in the background of a rocket’s take-off at Kennedy’s Space Center. Is the time period when the first rocket flew into space or a recent take-off? A fall fiesta fair happens in New Mexico while a pumpkin regattas happen in the east. Did you know the largest pumpkin weight is 2009 pounds? Now that’s a BIG pumpkin.

Each two-page spread features a scene found in the United States. A question is posed to the reader, prompting deeper thinking about the illustrated scene. I imagine students will enjoy googling the topic for more information. My favorite is the Texas oil fields scene. The pumpkin is featured in a jumbo cowboy hat.

Savorings for reading and in writing for How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow?

  • Synonyms for Big – immense, astronomical, colossal
  • Geography connection – the back of the book hosts snippets of US landmarks
  • Types of Sentences – primarily questions
  • Vocabulary
  • Voice – “-but watch out -“



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