Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

For everyone who’s ever loved a dog. – Ree Drummond”

I love the dog, Charlie. He reminds me of our dog, Harley.

Harley loves our family, especially my father-in-law. When he entered our home a year ago, rescued, he has given us continual thanks. Harley snuggles when you are sick, endlessly wags his tail smiling at you, and watches over my father-in-law all day. Although he often lays around, his eyes are watching and his ears perk at all noises.

Harley loves to snuggle.

Harley loves to snuggle.

In comes Moo, our kitten.

Moo loves to sit on my books when I am blogging.

Moo loves to sit on my books when I am blogging.

Harley tolerates Moo’s playfulness, the sneaky attacks, swats of his tail, and nips on his floppy ears. If I could read his mind, I am sure he would talk like Charlie in Charlie and the Christmas Kitty.

Charlie is trying to do his own thing and the kitten keeps on snuggling up to him. The personalities of the animals are brought to life. Diane deGroat’s illustrations enhance the personalities of the loveable pets. Don’t you every what your pet is thinking? I especially find the “King of the Ranch” endearing. I’m sure Harley believes he is King of the Gensch household. Charlie’s perspective brings life to the playful pets. His perspective is true to so many of our furry friends.

On the back, Ree Drummond is holding her Bassett Hound. Kids will be inspired to write their own pet-perspective story. Our furry creatures have such personalities and talk to us. At least we talk to them and stories from the heart warm our lives and make us laugh. Read this book. Share with your kids. You will bring joy to the classroom.

(A 47 second sneak peek into the book.)

Savorings for reading and in writing for Charlie and the Christmas Kitty:

  • Personification – character personality
  • Dog perspective – notice how Charlie changes, becomes more accepting
  • First Person Narrative – speaking to the reader
  • Reporter Voice – Can’t you just hear Charlie’s disgust? “WHAT’S A CAT DOING ON MY RANCH?”
  • Repeating line

For more Charlie fun, read the prequal: Charlie the Ranch Dog. The below YouTube video allows you to preview the book (5 min.). Enjoy.

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