Goodnight iPad

When my children were young, I repeatedly read Goodnight Moon to my children until I could quote it. Wes would search for the mouse on every page. A classic for every child’s enjoyment.

Ruth Ayres with Kristen Ziemke Connecting Comprehension and Technology

I spent a day of learning with Kristen Ziemke, and technology is on my brain. We have many tools at our fingertips to use, but purpose needs to drive the tool. I thought Goonight iPad by Ann Droyd seems appropriate. Sometimes, we get caught up in the moment and need time to reflect. Balance is key.

Have fun reading this book with your kids. I love the last page.

Savorings for reading and writing for Goodnight iPad:

  • Cause and Effect
  • Rhyming
  • a Parody
  • Reflection

View the book on YouTube read by Ann Droyd (2 min.)


One Response to Goodnight iPad

  1. Mary Helen…what an awesome series at Choice Literacy! I met you 2 years ago when you did book talks at the conference and loved what you shared. I am going to try to get my teachers at Judson to work at finding mentor texts for writing. I love your approach and your specifics! Thank you so much. love nanc

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