SOLC: Naps

When I was a kid, I thought my parents were crazy for taking their Sunday afternoon naps. Every Sunday, they would sneak away to sleep and not emerge for two or three hours. Such a waste of time, I thought. How could anyone take a nap?

Babies naturally slept. My body craved the extra renewal and sometimes crashed alongside my little ones.

The natural instinct of napping began to be resisted at ages two, three, and four. Their bodies needed to re-energize whether their minds agreed or not. Otherwise, the consequences of no nap created altered personalities. Crankiness would set in.

By school age, naps became obsolete, unheard of, definitely a waste of time.

Time passed and college arrived. Naps became a special commodity, a moment to steal away.

Fast forward years to a Sunday afternoon in my forties. A blanket snuggles against my body in my favorite recliner. My cat rests contentedly on my lap and I welcome the relaxation a nap invites. ZZZZzzzzz….



9 Responses to SOLC: Naps

  1. My parents use to do the exact same thing!!!
    I loved your piece!

  2. elsie says:

    Did I wake you with this comment? Sorry, 🙂 Yes, naps can be a delicious treat that we indulge in when life slows down.

  3. I dream of this moment! Your structure is just perfect, yawning into today’s nap!

  4. Linda Baie says:

    I loved my naps in college! Remembering back… I’m so busy lately I haven’t had a nap in a while. Maybe we’ll have one more snow day & I’ll grab one. Fun to think about anyway! (See you in June!)

  5. Glenda Funk says:

    Oh, I’m trying not to nap. I want to sleep tonight. Did you ever think maybe your parents weren’t just napping? 😉 BTW, the link to your blog on the spreadsheet doesn’t work. I found you via your link-up on the TWT blog, but I’ve been using the spreadsheet more than the daily post to search and respond. Now, go back to sleep!

  6. gill94 says:

    Ah, yes! There is something about getting older that makes what our parents did all make sense! Naps are wonderful! Thanks for the lovely reminder.

  7. Nothing like a nap! Love it!

  8. I LOVE weekend naps! They’re the best, especially when it’s raining outside. There’s nothing like unplugging and getting some extra sleep.

  9. mrssurridge says:

    Doesn’t it say that God napped on the seventh day? (AND the sixth?) I believe, one hundred percent, that weekends were created for napping–and so did my mom. 🙂

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