SOLC: Paying it Forward

My post was inspired by The Ways of Helping post at Reduction Physics blog.

“Mom, she has been eating at my table all year, and I never knew until today,” my daughter began.

For the next thirty minutes turned to an hour, Elizabeth shared about her two friends, Sue and Carol. One close friend, Sue, lost her mom in May. She had lost her dad as a young child, so was now on her own. Yes she was eighteen, but still parent-less. Sue was living with her aunt, working a full-time job, and trying to finish her senior year. Summer had been difficult causing a hospital stay. Prognosis – stress, anxiety and now a larger-than-life-medical bill.

“Carol’s main meal is lunch – school lunch. Her mom is having trouble and she is new here and I don’t think she has heat right now either.” Elizabeth was worried. More information was shared of a struggling, dysfunctional mom who was trying to turn life around. Carol had a job, thankfully, but her pay just turned their water back on. The temperatures were getting colder.

Elizabeth’s heart was moved. “I have it so good, Mom. I don’t tell you that enough. I don’t have to worry about things like they do.”

I listened. My heart was stung. These girls mattered and they needed help. I was thankful Elizabeth wanted to help.

We didn’t have the money to take care of it, but I knew of resourceful people and talked with them. How could we help? Medical bill was paid. Heat was restored. Carol said, “It’s the first hot shower I’ve had in a month. Thanks.” Many people came along and helped both girls. My daughter was blessed too, because her friends were being taken care of. Elizabeth’s spirit is kinder, more thankful, and definitely deepened by the interventions put into place.


4 Responses to SOLC: Paying it Forward

  1. lynnjake says:

    You are so very resourceful. Helping others can be a thicket, and I don’t exactly know why. I’m so happy that you were able to help this family. It sounds like you have a lovely, caring daughter. You must be so proud of her.

  2. elsie says:

    Elizabeth has a caring heart because she witnesses caring and love every day in her home. You are one kind person to find help for the friends. Bless you!

  3. Elizabeth needed you to listen and help her problem solve. Which you did! Such an inspiring story. When we come together and walk beside others it truly make a difference. You both are living your faith in a practical way!

  4. Linda Baie says:

    What a caring daughter you have, Mary Helen, and for you to step in to help too showed her that there are solutions & we can find them! It’s a story that inspires us all to look for ways to help in our own communities.

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