SOLC: Nuggets of Celebrations

Thanks to Ruth Ayres and Ann Voskamp, daily I search for celebrations. Little nuggets of joy permeate my day.


Moo likes to be where I am, even when I am reviewing books and blogging.

Moo likes to be where I am, even when I am reviewing books and blogging.

1. Moo, my kitten-cat, has been my pal these past weeks of recuperation. He loves to look out the window and observe the world, he chases balls with vivaciousness, and lingers nearby when I am writing. Moo makes me smile.

2. I did a happy dance with this discovery. I have over 50 books that I have savored with sticky-notes of noticings that I have not blogged about. Now to post them. 🙂

From one of my first grade boys: "I miss you for a long time, Mrs. Gensch." Makes me smile!

From one of my first grade boys: “I miss you for a long time, Mrs. Gensch.” Makes me smile!

3. Children’s notes encourage me. We make a difference in the lives of the children we teach. Or in my case, as well as the students I don’t teach. I have had several kids send cards stating they miss hearing my laugh. One third grader, who I do not service through Title I, said, “The hallways are quiet without you. I want to hear your laugh again.” The days are stressful, but I can choose to share joy.


8 Responses to SOLC: Nuggets of Celebrations

  1. I have missed hearing your “voice”, too. I have been searching for your SOL posts. The cards are sweet. It is nice to feel noticed, known, and appreciated. Their cards speak highly to the kind of person you are.

  2. elsie says:

    You are famous for that pure laugh and the school must seem quiet without your joy echoing through the halls. I’m looking forward to your book sharing, fifty books! Wow! You’ve been a busy reader.

  3. Michele says:

    It is a beautiful treat hearing how we’ve affected our students in such kind ways.
    Hope you continue to recuperate quickly!

  4. Being missed matters too. When we someone misses us, it means we have left a part of our spirit, our soul, with them. This is why we are here, I think.

  5. Linda Baie says:

    I love hearing about the notes, Mary Helen. They’re true, & perhaps a visit will be in your future? Also love that about your “50” books. wow!

  6. drew says:

    It’s wonderful how “little” things can have such a big impact in our lives. Some people choose not to see or appreciate them, and that’s a bummer!

  7. Leigh Anne says:

    Isn’t it nice to be missed! Wow! 50 books to blog about. That will be fun!

  8. Tara Smith says:

    Love those student notes…they just warm you heart and make you feel better instantly.

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