SOLC: Happy Birthday

My friend, Michelle, turns 50 tomorrow. This birthday will be sprinkled with specialness. Looking for a birthday card, my kids picked out one that made me chuckle (oh alright. I did laugh out loud in the store with my sixteen year old.) My time is coming.

To celebrate your 50th birthday, do something you’ve never done before but always wanted to.

(Inside…) …Er…’cuz, ya know, you’re kind of running out of time here.

I did want to make her birthday memorable, so I carefully chose words to describe her and created a word cloud with fifty attributes. It is framed with a personal message to brighten her day.

Happy 50th Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday!


8 Responses to SOLC: Happy Birthday

  1. shaggerspicchu says:

    What a really nice idea. I am sure she will enjoy her special gift…maybe not the card though. 😀

  2. tzawacki15 says:

    this is great! I love the idea of the 50 words in a word cloud. Your friend is very lucky to have you!

  3. Gael Lynch says:

    What a great friend you are! Fifty is DEFinitely not fatal! It’s the age in which you no longer have to be defined by a number!

  4. gill94 says:

    This is something your friend will treasure! How thoughtful!

  5. I love the card they picked out! Too funny. I hope she liked it, too. The word cloud present was very creative and special. I bet that will be a treasure for her.

  6. elsie says:

    Noticing and naming those attributes for Michelle will warm her heart every time she looks at your thoughtful gift. Sometimes it’s nice to know what others see in you. As for the kids card, I’ve had that thought more than once after entering this new decade.

  7. You are a kind friend and so thoughtful. Love the line: This birthday will be sprinkled with specialness! Great use of alliteration! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Linda Baie says:

    What you’ve created is not only the words for her, but the gift of the time taken to make it, Mary Helen. I’m sure she will treasure it. Happy Birthday to your friend.

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