June {Celebrations}

Books cover my table. This is a celebration. Reading them. Touching the pages. Lingering over illustrations. Choices. I wrestle with what which books to share. Many tug at my heart, but I do not always know if they will touch my audience, if I will have time for them all. Beginning with my favorites, the stories I share will grab the hearts of many.  I will have more books than time, so I will prioritize. Working on the presentation brings celebration to my heart.

Elizabeth’s open house was a success last Saturday. We celebrated her accomplishments, her memories, her friendships. We celebrated who she is – beautiful! Past and present teachers came, sharing stories that warmed my heart. Elizabeth laughed with friends, celebrating the growth they made.

Elizabeth with her former second grade teacher. Celebrating the teachers who impacted my daughter!

Elizabeth with her former second grade teacher. Celebrating the teachers who impacted my daughter!

We also celebrated thru the hard. Last week was filled with heartache and tears. A close friend from youth group drowned the eve of Elizabeth’s graduation. The news shook our household that Saturday morning and my mother’s heart broke as my children cried.

Stories is what healed. Memories where shared and simple stories soothed trouble hearts. We celebrated with the family, with the siblings, with their graduate too. We celebrated thru the hard.

Books are celebrations. Stories are celebrations. Memories are celebrations.


3 Responses to June {Celebrations}

  1. So true, it is through our stories that we connect to all aspects of life! I am looking forward to hearing about some of those books when your presentation is sure to bring celebration to my heart! See you SOON!!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I’m sorry for that tragic loss, Mary Helen. We do cling to stories, that make things a little better so we can move to the next day at least. I’m looking forward to seeing you next week, & especially hearing all “your” stories.

  3. elsie says:

    May we make memories to celebrate and carry us through the next year. Elizabeth is such a beautiful woman who has had such a joyous model in her life.

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