SOLC1: Playing Hookie

Today I played hookie.

As a high school, I secretly  wanted to play hookie from school, but the guilt swarmed over me and I never dared skip. Too risky! My parents. Possible in-school suspension and my own pounding heart kept me in check. But the thought of adventuring away with a friend to have whimsical fun and a carefree day away from studies tempted me.

Today I did play hookie. I did have fun, guilt free, being swept away by my dear one. Yep. We went shopping, glorious shopping. More Elizabeth than me, but I was smiling all the same. My college daughter is home on spring break and we needed to get away. Clothes called to us and greet us with beautiful corals, teals, and spring. We laughed looking at home furnishings and imaging new beauty added to our rooms.

Words. Stories. Shared moments of times gone by were savored all day long. These were the best prizes of the day. No purchase necessary. Just time and attention as the conversation ebbed and flowed, sealing our special day. We ended our spending spree with manicures. Sitting side by side, my heart was thankful I had played hookie. I played hookie from the hurried moments, the demands of my job. My heart didn’t feel guilty. I played hookie on the “I wish I would have” thought and embraced the joy of this carefree day spent with my daughter. My smile spreads. Yep. I think I will play hookie again.

photo 2

Elizabeth’s nails are stunning. The intricate art replicates the loving heart of my daughter.

Beautiful blue! My hands remind me of mothering and the memories held.

Beautiful blue! My hands remind me of mothering and the memories held.


8 Responses to SOLC1: Playing Hookie

  1. What a wonderful day you had! Playing hookie is the best! And now you have beautiful nails to remind you of the special moments.

  2. elsie says:

    This is a day that you will hold close to your heart. There has to be a better word than hookie for this. How about a heart day? Your heart was filled to the brim with joy. Now I get my heart filled by reading of your joy. Magic June days can’t come fast enough.

  3. Holly says:

    Good for you! We all need those kinds of days.

  4. Ramona says:

    Love this slice of a special day. You had me with the words – playing hookie (which auto correct keeps changing to cookie). No better reason in the world than spending precious time with your daughter.

  5. Bonnie K. says:

    You aren’t playing hookie, just setting priorities for the day. A day with your daughter is something essential.

  6. Linda Baie says:

    I’m glad you played hookie, Mary Ellen, sounds like one of those M.Card ads, priceless! And oh, those nails are marvelous!

  7. Michelle Nero says:

    What a special day and captured memories. I agree — this was a much needed heart print day.

  8. MaryHelen says:

    Definitely had a great day. I did call in for a personal day. My principal thought it was a great idea spending time with Elizabeth as well. Totally a heart print day!

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