SOLC14: The Voice

Monday nights, you can hear laughter, cheers and loud “Ohhhs” coming from the TV room. My husband and I do not always have the same taste in shows. He loves watching sports. I have plenty to do so TV isn’t a priority, unless it’s The Black List. We love that show. Suspenseful, passionate, adventurous.

The Voice is fun. We love the banter between the coaches and laugh. We usually record the show and fast forward the commercials. TV isn’t usually something I write about, but in the moment of watching Adam and Blake, Rick and I laugh and comment back. In a weird way, these moments bond us together. Tim joins in as well, something for the three of us. The Voice brings out our opinions, stories and best ever, laughter – our family voice.


2 Responses to SOLC14: The Voice

  1. elsie says:

    My husband likes The Voice, I prefer Dancing with the Stars. So we go our separate ways when both shows are running. However, we do both like American Idol.

  2. Tammy Shultz says:

    I Love that show…I watch it faithfully.

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