Coral Reefs

Jason Chin interweaves the setting and story, enticing the reader into the story. His character, who opens the Coral Reef book at the library, sees the animals up close and personal. He creates an illustrated way a reader’s brain visualizes the scenes while reading. Your students will get to journey along with learning the vocabulary attached with Coral Reefs. The food chain web interweaves through the pages.

This book lends itself to close reading, mapping out the ocean creatures and habitats. Read and reread to understand how nature works together, predator and prey, environment and adaptations, partnerships among sea creatures.

Link to live coral reefs, bringing nature alive.

Savorings for reading and writing for Coral Reefs:

  • Building Background Knowledge – Science: Food chains, vocabulary; builds curiosity to research and learn more
  • Setting – the young girl is whisked away from the library into a magical place
    • Even the ending leads you into another story
  • Illustrations – captures the mind of the reader
  • Close Reading – web
  • Author’s Note – where he gathered his ideas
    • Importance of research
    • Persuading the reader to take action to help coral reefs

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