I’m Me!

Imogen visits her aunt, in the book I’m Me. They are ready for a day of pretend. AuntieImage result for I'm Me! Sara (by Sara Sheridan) shares her ideas of fun adventures: a pirate’s parrot, a dragon-taming knight, a far-out astronaut. Imogen thinks on the sidebar and eventually picks a favorite activity – reading books.

Let’s see. Will you be … a naughty monkey? And I’m feeding you fruit on a hot, sandy beach in Zanzibar? We’ll swim with the dolphins and splash in the waves.”

Kids have everyday, normal adventures that can become fun stories.  Sara Sheridan shares in this video how her idea came from her niece, Imogen.

Savorings for reading and writing for I’m Me:

  • Every Day Happeningvisiting a family member. Children often do not know what to write about.
  • Sidebarthe real conversation happening versus the imaginative play
  • Visualization / Imagination – “Can we play pretend?”  Creating stories and dramas
  • Love of Reading how books are important to play
  • Illustrator NoteMargaret ChamberlainDraws with ink and paper. Then scans the images into the computer and adds color




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